The history of Fralinger Engineering (FE) unfolds as a true American story of vision, commitment and hard work. Fralinger Engineering PA was founded in 1966 by Albert A. Fralinger, Jr., who humbly operated the firm out of his own basement, with a station wagon as his field vehicle. As his experience broadened, so did the scope of his business and the number of clients served. When the basement got too small, the company moved into three small office buildings in Bridgeton, Cumberland County.

In 1982, Mr. Fralinger relocated the firm to the Hopewell Municipal Building, also in Cumberland County, in order to centralize his rapidly expanding business. In 1974, he incorporated as Albert A. Fralinger, Jr., PA. Dedicated to serving neighboring Salem County more effectively, Fralinger purchased the Salem, NJ firm of Skinner & Compton, Engineers and Land Surveyors in 1979 and the Millville, NJ firm of Barber and Corson in 1983.

After nearly a decade of strong growth, Fralinger started the construction of its present corporate headquarters at 629 Shiloh Pike in Bridgeton, Hopewell Township. The firm undertook an extensive expansion and renovation of its headquarters in 2002, indicative of the company’s constant growth in the New Jersey-Pennsylvania-Delaware region.

After personally leading the growth of the company since its inception, Albert Fralinger passed the torch to his sons in 2000. In the resulting restructuring, the firm was renamed Fralinger Engineering PA, with J. Michael Fralinger, Sr. being named President; and Charles M. Fralinger being named Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

Today, the 16,000 square foot corporate headquarters of Fralinger Engineering is staffed by an impressive number of surveyors; engineers; tax map and geographic information specialists; wetlands, soils, and research specialists and support personnel. Though there are many diverse departments at Fralinger Engineering, they are united by a common mission: to deliver the exemplary service that clients deserve.

Fralinger Engineering operates the most advanced Trimble surveying equipment and a fleet of vans in support of its on-site operations.

Following the unfortunate passing of Michael Fralinger in 2009, the administrative arm of the firm was again restructured. Charles Fralinger was promoted to President and Chief Operating Officer, Carl R. Gaskill became Senior Vice President, and Stephen J. Nardelli was named Vice President. Founder Albert Fralinger continues to play an active role in the company, serving as its Chairman of the Board.