With more than four decades of experience, industrial, municipal and residential clients alike benefit from the expertise of the Fralinger Engineering team. Excellence is the hallmark of each project, allowing them to deliver unparalleled results in a wide variety of disciplines:

Commercial / Residential Engineering Services

  • Professional Civil Engineering Services:  Each element of residential, recreational, and corporate buildings is focused upon to create structures that are complete and user-friendly.
  • Land Surveying Services:  Surveying is the base for all engineering projects.   Expert land surveyors and professional-grade Geomatic equipment provide   an effective and efficient analysis of the land on which your project will stand.
  • Environmental Engineering Services:  Environmental protection with the latest improvements in air and water quality testing and a working knowledge of all federal, state and local regulations is an integral part of every project.
  • Land Use/Planning/Zoning Board Approval:  Fralinger Engineering’s experienced planning team will help you to create general development plans and Zoning Board approvals to start your construction project on the path to success.
  • Traffic Engineering:  In today’s fast-paced world, traffic engineering is crucial for the survival of healthy communities. For over 40 years, Fralinger Engineering has provided innovative traffic designs for roads, railway tracks, bridges, and traffic signs and signals.

Municipal Engineering Services

  • Professional Municipal Engineering Services:  Fralinger Engineering delivers quality service to communities of all sizes, from developmental reviews and infrastructure improvements to grant procurement and environmental compliance.
  • Land Surveying Services:  Surveying is the base for all engineering projects.    A team of expert land surveyors and professional-grade Geomatic equipment provide an effective and efficient analysis of the land on which your project will stand.
  • Municipal Tax Assessment, Map Preparation and Maintenance:  Experienced tax assessors help municipalities maintain accurate tax records of all projects, including subdivisions, surveys, and property splits.
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS):  To better plan your project,  the utilization of  GIS, a sought-after digital mapping tool,  allows the development of complex maps inclusive of related data

Land Surveying Services

  • Boundaries, Topography and Utilities:  Fralinger Engineering surveys the related topography and contours to accurately portray boundaries on land, in the air, and in water.  We also employ the latest techniques and the most sophisticated equipment to survey and map sub-surface features and utilities.
  • Global Positioning Surveys:  Global positioning is a fundamental tool in navigation, communication systems, mapping and planning.  Trimble GPS systems collect real-time data from anywhere in North America.
  • Land Preservation Services:  The professionals at Fralinger work collaboratively with your team to find the delicate balance between achieving the visions of planners, citizens and local, state and federal governments and protecting the environment.
  • ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys:  Fralinger Engineering insures that all the comprehensive standards set forth by the American Land Title Association and the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping are strictly upheld.
  • Geodetic Control Surveys:  Geodetic control surveys establish a basic framework from which surveying and mapping services are performed.   Accurate results are achieved by utilizing the most efficient equipment and procedures.
  • Hydrographic Surveys:  Highly sophisticated hydrographic measurement tools allow FE to collect the most accurate data and create authentic maps of rivers, lakes, coastlines, and even deep oceans to uncover important environmental information.
  • Volumetric Surveys:  Volumetric survey data collected in the field can be processed to form a 3D Digital Terrain Model (DTM), providing the basis for volume calculations, surface area measurements, contours and cross sections. The data contained in the computer generated DTM is extensive and eliminates the need for difficult and laborious calculations, saving time and money.

Permitting Services

State and federal legislations are a serious consideration in an engineering project. All critical issues are anticipated before they adversely affect your project. The Fralinger Engineering team of professionals is experienced and skilled in project planning and negotiation to achieve agreement from various concerns while preserving your objectives.


  • Land Use/Planning/Zoning Board Approval


  • Planning Board Approval
  • Health Department Septic System Permits for the construction or repair of a septic system


  • Soil Erosion Sediment Control Permit for proper soil conservation at a project site to prevent accelerated erosion.
  • Pinelands Commission Approval for projects in identified areas requires a set of special permits to protect forestry in NJ.
  • New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection:
    • Coastal Area Facility Review Act (CAFRA) Permits for projects near coastal waters in Southern New Jersey
    • Wetlands Delineation and Permitting Services
    • Waterfront Development Permits for docks, piers, pilings, bulkheads, marinas, bridges, pipelines, cables, and dredging.
    • Stream Encroachment Permits for projects in areas subject to flooding to protect lives, property, and the environment
    • Water and Sewer Extension Permits for changes, additions, extensions of a water or sewer system
    • Treatment Works Approval for plant design and ability to meet the standards of NJPDES permits
    • NJPDES Permits for Wastewater Discharge for projects that result in the discharge of wastewater
  • New Jersey Department of Transportation:
    • Major/Minor Access Permits for property owners seeking traffic access to state roadways and transportation infrastructures
    • Road Opening Permits:  For projects that remove, disturb, or excavate any public street, lane, alley, court, sidewalk, or other public place


  • Army Corps of Engineers Permits for construction or maintenance of piers, docks, gangways/ramps, stairs/ladders, mooring piles, boat lifts, or breakwaters in, over or under navigable US